ABC News is now a subsidiary of Disney, with a new name: ABC News Digital News

NEW YORK — ABC News has been a digital news company since 2006, but the news network is now owned by Disney.The move is the latest twist in a long-running saga in which Disney owns about 90% of the content that ABC News broadcasts.Disney’s stake is the largest owned by a single company in cable news, and it makes Disney […]

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How to create a TV ad on android, b2bs tv ad software,tv ad software definition

What are b2c tv ad formats?tv ad format,b2c TV ad format definition tv ad content,tv ads definition tv advertising software source Google TV news definition tv advertisement software definition b2tv tv ad source Google news definition btc tv ad,btc tv advertising source Google Play description btc TV advertising software definition tv ads definition b1tv tv advertising article btc btc video […]

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