How to win the ‘The View’ show on television: The ‘Fox News Factor’ host reveals how he won the 2016 election

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Thursday gave an interview to the “Fox News Sunday” program that aired a segment on how he “wins” the “The View” on television.O’Donnell said he knows that some people might not be ready to hear that, but that “it’s just a question of the truth.”“It’s just not a question that people want to ask,” O’Neil […]

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Which TV ad is funniest?

The 2017 TV ad season is over, but there’s still plenty of TV advertising to go around.There are a ton of new TV ads out there that aren’t getting much exposure, and many of them will likely be seen by more people than the ones you’re familiar with.That means we have plenty of new ad spots for you to find.And […]

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