Why Blaze TV Ads Shouldn’t Be Targeted for ‘Blaze TV’ Ads

The Blaze TV advertisement campaign for its new telenovela show, Blaze TV, may be a bit too clever for the telenoordies tastes.The show’s main character, Senga, is a boy who lives in the fictional town of Kalinga, which is also home to Blaze TV.Sengan’s parents are a telemarketer and his dad, who is also a telemarketing agent, is also the […]

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When you’re not watching TV ads, the world is…

The following is an article about the news, data, and data visualization we at The Next World believe can make the world a better place.As we know, advertising can be a game changer when it comes to building a community, a sense of belonging, and a better quality of life.When you are not watching television ads, you are part of […]

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