What will your TV channels be doing in 2020?

The news cycle is changing.In 2019, news was dominated by the “Big Four” networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox).These networks now have the chance to get back on track and compete with the new wave of big-name and smaller-name competitors, which are all expected to have their own brands, platforms and news programs.While the Big Four still dominate news and entertainment, […]

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How to watch Toyota’s new Tundra video ads for 2018

Toyota has unveiled its next-generation Toyota Tundras, which are the first to feature the new TUDS (Turbocharged Electric Vehicle) concept.The Tundrapads feature a new design, improved safety and an increase in power, and offer more than 50 new features.They also feature a host of new technologies, including the TUDA (Turbocouple Emissions Control), which are meant to reduce CO2 emissions by […]

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Why does your car have to be in a parking lot?

You can be pretty sure that the vast majority of people who live in a city or town will have some form of a car.And when they’re not driving around in it, they’re riding it in a pickup truck, a sedan, a convertible, or a minivan.But if you’re one of the few who live on the other side of the […]

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