The Latest: “Samba” Star’s New TV Ads are a Hit on the Billboard 200

In this week’s National Review, writer Charles Krauthammer reports that “Sampha” star and former “Dancing With the Stars” judge Liza Minnelli is “suddenly becoming a household name on the pop charts.”The song, which Minnella wrote with her longtime collaborator Chris Anderson, is now No. 1 on the U.S. pop charts, according to Nielsen Music.Minnellis “samba” video is one of many […]

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When the new Samba TV is released, let’s look at some of the features it will offer

When the next version of Samba is released in 2019, I think we’ll start to see some interesting changes to the way that we use our data.A new, user-friendly, searchable, and searchable API that allows you to search your file system, browse and sort through your files and folders, and even access specific folders and file types.Samba TV will be […]

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