How to use your TV ad blocker to watch movies and TV shows without getting caught

The last year has been one of the worst years for movie and TV ads in history.Even if you have a Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or any of the dozens of streaming services that offer their own ad-blocking capabilities, you’re probably still not seeing many ads on the web.But you can still block ads in a few places, and […]

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How to use this app for TV viewing: How to scroll ads, scroll videos and more

Kia has announced it’s working on an ad-supported TV app, and it will be available on the Apple TV on Friday.The app will show you ads for various TV channels, and there’s a dedicated tab to watch TV ads, too.The app is similar to the free TV ad-streaming app XBAds.Kia says the app is designed to “provide a seamless and […]

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Grey TV advertising slots get more space on websites

Advertisers are increasingly using websites to display their advertisements, as they can’t simply send an email, or upload an image, to an ad server.Now, there are some online ad formats that are easier to use, as well as a variety of other ad formats, which have their own quirks and limitations.Here are the best TV ad formats available today, with […]

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