Sports channel Sling TV advertises its $1,000 discount on subscriptions for sports fans

A network that offers cheap subscriptions to its millions of users through its sports channel, Sling, is offering them free of charge.The offer will be available on March 15, and the company says it will work with advertisers and other sponsors to reach as many people as possible. Sling TV is owned by Time Warner Inc. and includes the HBO sports […]

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How to buy advertising online with a TV adpax

You may have heard that the TV advertising market is changing dramatically.The industry is seeing a resurgence and companies are increasingly embracing new methods to create online advertising.With all that new technology in play, it’s important to understand the rules of the road.Here’s what you need to know about TV advertising, and how you can get started.What is TV advertising?TV […]

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How to watch a political event on TV without watching it online

There are no restrictions to what can be shown on TV, with a handful of exceptions.But what happens when you can’t find the time to watch it?With some simple apps, you can watch any political event live online in just a few minutes.You can download the apps from the App Store and watch them right away, or you can schedule […]

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