How to spot a misleading TV advertisement

If you want to be able to tell a TV ad from one that is genuine, you need to be more precise.If you want the best possible results when you watch TV advertisements, you should watch them on an old TV.This is not the case with newer TVs.For example, an advert for the upcoming movie The Last Airbender has been […]

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How to use curved TV advertising to get more views on your home screen

Ads that use curved televisions to promote your product or service are getting a lot of attention these days.They’re also getting a little bit old, so you might want to think twice before using them.Here’s how to get rid of the ads and make your product and service stand out from the crowd.

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ABC News is now a subsidiary of Disney, with a new name: ABC News Digital News

NEW YORK — ABC News has been a digital news company since 2006, but the news network is now owned by Disney.The move is the latest twist in a long-running saga in which Disney owns about 90% of the content that ABC News broadcasts.Disney’s stake is the largest owned by a single company in cable news, and it makes Disney […]

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