“Hotel TV: The most interesting TV ads for the holidays”

If you haven’t seen it yet, this article is worth checking out.If you have, you can click here to subscribe.HotelTV is a major platform for advertising.It’s basically like the Amazon.com of TV.It allows advertisers to place ads on television stations that are geographically close to their audience, but not geographically far.It does this by analyzing the location of each station, […]

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Why the Australian dollar is still worth $US1,100 when it was only worth $AU100 back in 2008

AUSTRALIA’S NEW “SUPER” INFLATION IS HERE TO HELP!The Australian dollar was recently boosted by the announcement of a major new US monetary policy, which is set to lift the AUD to $US2.40 by the end of the year, bringing the US currency to parity with the Australian.AUSTRALIAN BANKING HAS BEEN SPENDING BIG TIME IN AUSTRIA TO BUY US EQUITY The […]

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