Watch the newest version of a new app to keep track of your tv advertisements

Watch the latest version of tv adblocker and watch ads on the go with the newest tv adblocking app from iikea.The app, dubbed iikeas tv ad blocking, is now available on iOS, Android and the web, and has already been downloaded over 1.5 million times.Its creators, iikeastudios, said the app was inspired by a “virus of sorts” that has been […]

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CBS: ‘Guerilla TV advertising’ for ESPN, Smart TV advertising is a $500 million investment

CBS News’ James Pindell reports on the “Guerillas” TV advertising blitz to promote the network’s new product, “Guerrilla TV,” in the fall of 2019.The ads, a mix of traditional and “guerrilla” elements, will feature the networks most famous stars, including Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Chris Pratt and Kate McKinnon, and the network is also spending millions of dollars to build […]

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