How to watch your favorite shows with a KPI TV ad (free)

A new app for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 has been launched, and it’s available to download for free from the app store.The app is called KPI tv ad, and lets you watch your shows with an ad-free experience.The company behind the app, KPI Digital TV, has also updated the app to the latest version.The new version of […]

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Why chocolate is so addictive: A taste for the sweet spot

In this article I’d like to explore why chocolate is addictive.The word ‘ecstasy’ comes to mind when you think of a drug, but it is actually quite a complex chemical.We’ve already been talking about a couple of ways in which chocolate has been used to treat some conditions, but in a more recent study, we were looking at chocolate as […]

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TV advertising database, digital tv ad slogan database

The online advertising database is used by TV advertisers to display advertising on digital TVs and other devices.A TV ad slogan is a TV advertisement that uses an ad’s keywords to sell the product or service.The ad slogan can also be a TV ad ad’s title, a TV commercial’s title or the name of a TV station.To use the TV […]

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