How to watch your favorite shows with a KPI TV ad (free)

A new app for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 has been launched, and it’s available to download for free from the app store.The app is called KPI tv ad, and lets you watch your shows with an ad-free experience.The company behind the app, KPI Digital TV, has also updated the app to the latest version.The new version of […]

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When the world is on the verge of a disaster, who is to blame?

In the days before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese TV channel Nippon TV (formerly known as NHK) reported that the tsunami would hit Japan on September 11, 2021.The disaster was due to a nuclear explosion at a facility that was producing fuel rods for an advanced hydrogen bomb.It was the third time that Japan had experienced a nuclear disaster and […]

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