Why we should pay for TV ads on the internet – TV ads, internet, monetisation

We have seen the rise of ad-based video monetisation platforms, and now ad-supported mobile apps are becoming the norm.We also see more and more of them, both in the traditional TV business and the ad-driven world of mobile apps.While these platforms are all aimed at serving the advertiser’s brand and business objectives, it is the ad itself that has become […]

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How to get your own car without a dealership

Car dealership cars have long been known to be expensive.But if you’re lucky enough to have a local dealership to help you get a vehicle, you can pay just £500 for a ‘first-generation’ model, or £2,500 for an all-new one.However, with an annualised cost of just £6,000, the cheapest way to get a new car could be to take advantage […]

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