How to make a TV ad campaign for aldis TV

Aldi has been in the news recently after a $5 million ad campaign featuring the family of a murdered child was pulled. According to the New York Post, the ad has been pulled because the ad, titled “We Are Not Alone,” includes footage of a child, which was “disgusting” to Aldi. The company is reportedly investigating the ad and its placement.Aldis has […]

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TV ad costs €300m in Aldi TV ad campaign

A new Aldi television advertising campaign for its regional brands has cost €300 million to create, a German company said.The ad campaign was part of the company’s €3 billion €300 billion strategy to expand into Europe.The advertising budget was €1.4 billion in 2020, the company said in a statement.The company also said it will launch a new regional TV advertising […]

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