I know what you’re thinking.

Why do you want to know this?

Because I’m an idiot and this is my job.

So why not try to figure out what TV ad is the most ridiculous, the most annoying, and the most brilliant?

Well, that’s the question that I came up with when I sat down with the creative director of a popular YouTube channel called Zee TV.

The channel, which I’m calling ‘The Truth About TV Ads,’ is dedicated to showcasing the funniest and most amazing TV ads on YouTube.

Zee also hosts ‘The Zee List’ and ‘The Funniest TV Ad List’ which feature the funnies and best TV advertisements of all times.

I asked Zee to share his top 10, and here they are.1.

The Biggest Hit Of The Day – The Biggest Hits of The Day is an ad from the 1980s, which features the iconic “Biggest Hit of the Day” line from the classic Ghostbusters film.

The line “Bigger Than The Beatles!” was a common refrain in the 80s.

In this ad, a big fat elephant is shown on a huge TV screen, its trunk swinging back and forth.

Its eyes are wide open.

And its head is bouncing around the screen.2.

The Funnel Cake – In the 1980’s, when I was a kid, the Big Funnel cake ad from Coca-Cola had a big hit.

Its a cake that’s got a funnel inside it and is supposed to be big and fluffy.

Its all wrapped up, but it just looks like a big balloon, and its not very fluffy at all.3.

The Lazy Girl – I remember watching this ad from a young age, but I couldn’t figure out who made it.

The only thing I knew was that it was the most stupid ad of all-time.

In it, a woman is stuck in a room and her phone is ringing.

She tries to ring someone, but the phone is dead and it doesn’t work.

She then asks the guy who is answering to call her.

His voice is the same as the one on the phone, and he sounds like he could probably give you the same response.

This ad was the single worst thing ever.4.

The Razzle Dazzle – This was the first commercial to make me fall in love with television advertising.

It was a time when TV commercials were still being created and the idea of “fun” ads was a big thing.

The Razzles commercial from 1959 featured a young girl wearing a razzle-dazzle wig.

She jumps around the room, and her clothes bounce.

Her mouth moves and she is all sorts of funny, including one scene where she is walking into a room with a cat in her arms and a cat with a stick in its paw.5.

The Last Dance – I think it was in the late ’70s, maybe early ’80s.

This was an ad for a TV show that was about a guy who goes out for a date and ends up falling in love.

The scene where he falls in love has him dancing.

It’s funny and awkward, and it’s not very clever.

The ad is about a woman being rejected by her boyfriend and then falling in a deep sleep, and she wakes up and sees the ad on TV.

It is the first ad that I remember that had me laughing out loud at its ridiculousness.6.

The Crazy Car – I used to watch this ad all the time, and I still remember it because I still watch the ad all these years later.

In the ad, two cars collide, and a girl falls out of one and falls in the other.

The car then crashes and explodes, and there is a giant red, green, and blue circle on the ground that says “This ad was filmed in 1982.”7.

The Little Red Ball – This ad from 1977 was about the first time I was exposed to television commercials.

It shows a boy with a red ball and a blue ball.

One day, the boy is walking and he says, “I want to get this red ball.”

And the girl says, No.

The girl then says, What?

You don’t want the red ball?

And the boy says, I want to keep it.

“And she says, Then why don’t you have it?

Then the girl goes back to her house and has it.8.

The Black Box – This is the ad from 1966 that started me on a long-term obsession with television commercials and the way they work.

The black box is seen as an object of attraction.

The image of a young boy standing on a black box in the background makes it seem like it is a toy.

The box is also seen as a tool that a young man uses to manipulate a woman.

The red box that is shown is the “real

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