The new YouTube ads that will appear on its YouTube channels will feature a woman wearing a bikini, the Wall Street J. has learned.

The ads will be shown to a user during a new ad break on Monday when the site is updated to show women in swimwear instead of their usual clothing.

The company, which makes video ads, has yet to provide a timeframe for when the ads will appear.

The ad break has been announced to mark the start of a new television advertising campaign that has been in the works for weeks.

Google, which owns YouTube, has been trying to launch new TV advertising channels for months, but has struggled to attract advertisers to its main channels, which are primarily video ads.

The new ads will include a woman, a man and a man in a bathtub, and the ads also will include photos of the woman and a woman’s legs.

The new ads are being shown to an audience of advertisers who sign up for a paid subscription.

Google and YouTube declined to comment.

Google had previously said it would debut new TV ads in the fall and would announce new TV channels in the spring.

The introduction of bikini-wearing women on YouTube has been seen as a key element of the company’s efforts to make its videos more interactive.

YouTube has said it is trying to develop a more engaging video ad experience, which is expected to include a new feature to show viewers when they are viewing video ads that are currently showing a bikini-clad woman.

YouTube says that when viewers see a video ad with bikini-style images, the screen fades to black, but when they turn to the YouTube homepage, the image shows the woman in the bikini.

YouTube also says it has a video that shows a woman being treated to an intimate massage.

YouTube said the new bikini ads are part of a broader effort to expand its video advertising platform and build out new, more engaging features.

The campaign is expected in conjunction with Google’s new YouTube TV service, which YouTube launched in January and which has expanded into new areas including television, mobile and the web.

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