The streaming sports subscription service Sling TV has announced plans to introduce a free streaming service for all its subscribers in the coming weeks.

The service will be available for subscribers to subscribe to on December 14.

Sling is currently the only video-on-demand service that offers streaming access to live sporting events.

“Sling is a leader in the subscription sports industry, and we’re excited to launch our new live sports service,” said CEO Steve Broadbent in a press release announcing the new service.

“With live sporting games coming up on a daily basis, we’re also excited to offer an easy way to stream sports for free.”

Sling TV subscribers will be able to stream up to 50 hours of live content per month, with access to sports programming on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

“We are excited to be offering a free service for SlingTV subscribers, which will help them access all of the sports they love while also allowing them to save money on their bill,” said Broadbent.

“Sling will also be adding a number of new sports to its offerings over the coming months, including soccer, women’s soccer, men’s basketball, and soccer and soccer action.”

Sleeping dogs, like the internet itselfSlingTV also said it would continue to provide live streaming to those who sign up for the service.

It added that the service will also support the use of smartphones and tablet, including the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 6.

Sling said it has already begun testing the new live streaming service and is excited to expand it to other countries.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be testing new live service offerings in the U.S., Europe, and Asia,” said the company.

“These will be made available on a rolling basis, and users will be notified when we launch the next live service.”

According to Broadbent, the new Sling service will allow customers to watch up to 30 hours of sports every day, including some of the most popular sporting events of the day.

“This is an exciting time for sports fans, as they will be finally able to watch their favorite events live for free,” said Sling CEO Steve.

“There are a number live sports options available, from major sporting events to local and regional tournaments, and these sports will also include live highlights and video highlights.”

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The video above contains a transcript of a live interview with Steve Broadbents interview on Sling with host Michael C. Hall. 

Sling’s announcement came on the heels of the release of the company’s first-ever ad campaign, in which the network unveiled its first-of-its-kind sports advertising campaign featuring the band Metallica.

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