Watch the latest version of tv adblocker and watch ads on the go with the newest tv adblocking app from iikea.

The app, dubbed iikeas tv ad blocking, is now available on iOS, Android and the web, and has already been downloaded over 1.5 million times.

Its creators, iikeastudios, said the app was inspired by a “virus of sorts” that has been surfacing in the US and Europe for the last few years.

In the app, you can select one or more adblockers to disable, including a browser extension that blocks ads from the majority of major websites.

It is also possible to add a custom app icon to your lock screen to hide all ads from that specific app, and a button to remove ads from specific apps, including Netflix and HBO.

The app has been in beta since October 2017, and it was recently made available for free.

iikeas ad blocking is free for everyone, but some users are reporting problems.

“There are several issues with the app,” developer Sam Odom wrote in an update to the app on Wednesday.

“There are issues with ads being blocked from certain sites and some ads being added to lock screens.

I also see ads being shown for Netflix when no other ads are on the TV.”

Other issues include ads being displayed for TV shows when the apps are on, ads not being displayed, and ads being automatically blocked.

An example of one issue user, ikeastv, reported: My app shows ads for Netflix and not for other shows, or if there is an ad on TV, it just shows a blank space instead of displaying ads.

I was able to resolve the issue by installing a VPN app that blocked all the ads, but that didn’t solve all the issues.

Another user, alexy, said he was unable to block all the advertisements for Netflix, but he had some issues with TV ads being turned off: If I want to block some TV ads, I must open the TV adblock app and add them manually, or the app won’t block them.

As an example, I added an extension to the lock screen that was able, but if I add another TV ad to my lock screen, it won’t show it.

Alexy said that when he tried to add more ads to his lock screen with an extension, the extension would block them too.

For a complete list of issues, see the app’s issue tracker on the website.

The ikeavads app is not compatible with other apps, such as Google’s app, because it does not work with both Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices.

According to a blog post from ikeastv developer Sam, ijeavads also won’t work with a few third-party apps.

If you are not using the latest tv ad blocker, you will still be able to add ads to the lockscreen.

Some users are still reporting issues with adblock, though, and some have reported the app to Apple.

Update: An Apple spokesperson said the company “is investigating the issue” with iikeassist.

Updated: 3:23 p.m.

PT with comment from ijevads developer Sam.

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