The biggest ad in Europe is running in the UK and Ireland, which could cost a passenger about £6.30 an hour.

This is the first ad that shows the “fierce competition” between Uber and taxi aggregator Cabbagetown and has been designed to make drivers angry.

In the ad, a taxi rides in front of a red-and-white sign that reads, “Taxi is the most efficient way to get around the city”.

It is the latest effort by Uber to try to make the taxi industry more competitive with the likes of UberEATS, which offers a cheap and convenient alternative to taxi drivers.

Uber said it had paid for the ad in a new account, but did not disclose how much.

The ad is the fourth of its kind in the past 12 months.

Last year, Uber used a different type of ad to show that taxi drivers had “tried their hardest to get their own licence”.

Uber, however, has said it has not been influenced by the controversy over UberEats.

UberEATS is one of several companies that offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative for taxi drivers than Uber.

Cabbagets UberEAT app has about 1,600 drivers in the country.

UberEATER has also said it will continue to take a different approach to advertising, as it will not be allowed to promote a competitor or advertise an Uber service.

Uber says the ad is not part of its strategy to try and attract more drivers to the company.

The taxi industry is one where drivers are paid well, with wages ranging from £5 an hour to up to £20 an hour, said John Millington, head of commercial media at the Association of British Taxi Drivers.

Uber has been accused of discriminating against its own drivers and said that its advertising is designed to attract drivers from different backgrounds, and not the same ones.

Uber drivers are often highly educated, highly skilled and often have a range of professional skills.

However, Uber said it was not targeting its drivers in particular because it was also targeting the broader market.

Uber and Cabbages owner Uber Eats have argued that its service is more efficient and cheaper than the taxi market, and that drivers make up the vast majority of its customers.

In recent weeks, Uber has been working on a new ad that would use the company’s platform to offer customers a cheaper alternative to taxis, but its current campaign is set to run in the summer.

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