Facebook is launching TV advertising ads across the US, including the most popular ones, this morning.

The ad purchases, which begin in the coming weeks, will be available for mobile and web browsers, Facebook said.

The ads are aimed at advertisers who have a lot of Facebook friends and those who are “extremely loyal” to the social network, according to Facebook.

Facebook’s ads will also run in TV stations, according the company.

Facebook TV advertising has been the subject of some debate among advertisers, who have concerns about the ad purchasing process, particularly the time and money it takes to get the ads through the channel.

Some advertisers are also concerned that the ads will be seen as part of a larger push to build out the company’s Facebook video app.

The company has already bought a number of video ad buys in the past few months.

The latest TV ads will run through Facebook’s TV Everywhere service, which will allow viewers to see the ads on any device with a video connection.

Facebook has already rolled out ads for television stations across the country, but the company has not yet shown any of its ads on broadcast TV.

The new ad buys, Facebook says, are the first to run across Facebook TV.

Ads will be visible to all Facebook users who have Facebook accounts, including those who don’t have Facebook Pages.

Facebook said that the ad buys will be offered through the mobile app.

Facebook TV is available in more than 100 markets across the United States. “

In other words, the ads offer an opportunity for people to engage with the Facebook product through an advertising platform that is part of Facebook’s core platform.”

Facebook TV is available in more than 100 markets across the United States.

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