I’ve always found the medical tv advert a bit of a joke.

It’s always so bad.

You can tell it’s being done to make money.

It’ll show up on TV, and you’ll think, “I’m so sorry, but this is what I’m getting paid for.”

And you’ll watch it and think, no wonder I can’t watch medical TV, because it’s not good.

But there’s a huge audience for this.

I’m not a medical professional.

I watch it for the jokes, for the laughs.

But I’m also interested in the medical side of things.

I do see how it works.

What do you do when you’re watching a medical TV ad?

It’s funny because it has no commercial message, which means it’s basically about medical stuff.

What it does do is show you a bunch of stuff that’s not medical.

It shows you a bit more of the medical process.

It also shows you an old footage from a movie about a guy who’s been doing his job for years and years and hasn’t had a problem with his patient.

You see a doctor who’s done his job, but he’s not a doctor.

It makes you feel good.

So I can watch it, and I feel like, oh wow, I’m so lucky that I can do this.

So you’re seeing this old footage and then you’re getting to the end of the ad.

What’s that saying, when you watch a medical ad, you’re like, wow?

It does the same thing to you.

It puts a smile on your face and it makes you think, this is good, this will be fun.

So when I watch a medtv ad, it’s like I’m watching the show.

It feels like I was watching it on TV.

That’s what makes it so funny.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s just starting out?

Don’t go out to watch TV because there’s no point in trying to watch it yourself.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are going out to buy a TV and then go out and watch TV, or watch an advert.

The problem is that it’s very easy to get into that mode.

If you go out for a weekend and you’ve got a really good friend who you really like, or a really expensive television, it can be a good idea to watch the TV commercial for a few weeks and then switch to watching the TV advert for yourself.

You’ll see the difference.

You will probably be more invested in the TV ad than you are in the actual medical process itself.

So don’t go and watch yourself, because then you’ll be doing the same kind of thing.

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