CBS News’ James Pindell reports on the “Guerillas” TV advertising blitz to promote the network’s new product, “Guerrilla TV,” in the fall of 2019.

The ads, a mix of traditional and “guerrilla” elements, will feature the networks most famous stars, including Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Chris Pratt and Kate McKinnon, and the network is also spending millions of dollars to build a network of local, national and international news stations.

“Guersons” is the brand name of the “guerilla” group that was formed in the 1970s and formed the foundation for the anti-establishment political movement that would come to define the civil rights movement.

It is not the first “guerson” venture to attempt to get viewers to watch local news and then advertise to them.

The idea is that viewers would be more likely to tune in to news when they’re not home, said Matt Pappas, chief marketing officer of CBS Interactive, which owns CBS Interactive.

Pappins said the new campaign, which is being run through the CBS All Access TV network, is part of a broader strategy to “create a global, global audience.”

The ad campaign will run on CBS affiliates across the U.S. and Canada and also on CBS stations in Mexico and Brazil.

“The campaign is not designed to create a consumer connection with our viewers or create a customer loyalty program,” Pappes said.

“It’s about bringing awareness and getting viewers to tune into their local news stations.”

Papps said the campaign will be a combination of traditional “guerrillas” adverts, with the new Guersons branded content, as well as a mix that is “guest-driven.”

The guerrillas will be featured in the ads as the guerrillos who are most likely to be on the front lines of protests, according to Pappos.

“Our guerrills are the people who are really behind the scenes,” Pindels said.

The guerillas will also be featured as part of the network.

CBS News, which has been the target of many anti-Trump protests and is under a state of emergency, will not be affected by the guerillas.

“We will continue to work closely with the local newsrooms, local community and local police agencies to ensure the Guerrillas’ mission of promoting awareness of the plight of our people and the plight and power of the grassroots will be carried out,” Papps said.

CBS Interactive said the ads are part of its broader commitment to building a network that is connected to the news and that will be able to reach millions of people.

“CBS All Access will be the platform for all our news content to reach the most loyal, engaged and engaged audiences,” Pops said.

Papps added that CBS All App, which will also carry the “C-Suite” content, is working with the network to ensure “that content is accessible and easy to find.”

“CBS and the CBS Interactive brand will continue their partnership to create an unparalleled digital news platform,” Paddles said.

For more information about the guerdams campaign, please visit or call 202-856-5255.

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