When you watch a Hulu TV ad, you’re able to choose whether to use Hulu’s “tv advertising slots” or the “hum TV advertising slots.”

Hulu’s ad slot feature is one of the few ways for Hulu to differentiate itself from other TV service providers.

Hulu doesn’t offer its own premium TV subscription service like other streaming services, and Hulu’s ads can’t be purchased with ad credits or a subscription fee.

However, Hulu’s own ad slots feature lets you see ads that aren’t available on TV or streamed on the service.

Hulu’s spot can be viewed in your TV app, or in a web browser.

Hulu says the feature lets users “access Hulu TV without having to subscribe to Hulu.”

Hulu doesn, however, require users to have a Hulu account.

Hulu has a variety of ad-supported TV channels, including AMC, TNT, Cartoon Network, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, FX, History, and more.

The ads can be customized, and you can watch them while offline.

Hulu is the first streaming service to offer its ads in this manner.

The new Hulu spot is available to Hulu customers in the U.S. and Canada.

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