By Katie Coney and Katie GlueckBy Katie Congolan and Katie CooleyPublished July 14, 2018 11:18:55It’s a story about an old friend from high school.

It’s a tale about a man who lost his job in a fire, but found solace in a new one.

It’s an advertisement for a brand new television show, which has already been filmed, and is set to air on the network’s digital platform.

And it’s the story of how NBC News turned its TV network into a national television brand, and how the network itself has turned its audience into the most loyal customers in the country.

“The Five,” a new scripted series created by NBC News that debuts on The CW next month, is about a young man who is forced to leave his life as a fire fighter behind in order to start a new career.

The show tells the story in a way that is both relatable and completely unique, even for a network that is not known for its political commentary.

But it also takes aim at the way that television has become a platform for the political right.

“It’s not a TV show about race or gun control or abortion or gun rights,” said NBC News Chief Legal Correspondent David Chalian, who created the show with producer Sarah Silverman and executive producer Peter Hastings.

“It’s about the story, the journey and the lessons that have led to the creation of NBC News.

The series is based on the life of former fire fighter and current fire investigator Bob Bortuzzo, who died in a car crash in 2009.

Bortazzo has lived in New York City for more than 30 years and has worked in New England and the New York metropolitan area.

He is survived by his wife, Andrea, and his son, Andrew.

He is survived in the U.S. by his brother, Joe, his sister, Susan, and many friends and family members.

His career began in 1989 when he was a fire engine and paramedic, serving on numerous fires around the country and in the United States.

He joined the New England Fire Chiefs Association in 1989 and has been a member of the organization ever since.

He served as the executive director of the New Hampshire Association of Fire Fighters for 10 years.

In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious New England Professional Firefighters Association award, which is given to the state’s top firefighter for excellence in the management and performance of the state and its agencies.”

I have been a firefighter and paramedick for 20 years and have been honored to serve our community and our state. “

The New Bedford organization is the largest, most diverse, best trained, and best equipped in New Hampshire.

I have been a firefighter and paramedick for 20 years and have been honored to serve our community and our state.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help others do the same.”

It was also during his tenure at the fire department that he helped lead a new program to improve the lives of firefighters.

It was a program that resulted in an increase in the number of firefighters from 7,600 in 1990 to over 25,000 in 2017.

“He did everything he could to make sure the program got off the ground and that the fire fighters were given the resources they needed,” said John Kincaid, a former firefighter and now the president of the Massachusetts Association of Professional Fire Fighters.

“Bortazzos efforts and those of others like him have made the firefighting profession a place where everybody can live, work, and train and help one another.

That is truly remarkable.”

The story of the man who changed NBC News is part of the networks larger narrative about the role that television can play in our lives.

It is also a story of two people, Bortoz and his family, who became friends after spending time in the same fire station together.

The series begins with a flashback to when Bortazos brother was in the fire fighting field, and the story then focuses on Bortos life, as he learns the details of his brother’s death, as well as his family’s experiences in the industry.

The family has been very generous with the time in which the series is airing.

“Bob Bortz and his wife Andrea have taken the time to meet with us, and we have been very appreciative of their time,” said executive producer/writer Peter Hastings, who is also the executive producer of “The Simpsons.”

“We hope viewers will see this as a chance to connect with our show and our family and see how they relate to each other.”

As for what viewers can expect from the series, Hastings said the series will tell the story from Bort’s perspective, with the focus on his family.

“Our story is a tale of the trials and tribulations faced by a young fire fighter who becomes a professional fire investigator and an even bigger hero to his city

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