In the last two weeks, Facebook has launched its new 3D interactive TV advertising platform, called Facebook View.

In its first month of operation, Facebook View is generating more than $10 million in advertising revenue, according to company executives.

It’s not clear how much of that money is directly generated from ad impressions.

But according to an article by Business Insider, Facebook said that more than 80% of the revenue generated from its ads on Facebook View came from ad placements.

According to the article, the company also reported that 90% of all impressions generated on Facebook viewed videos are ad-free.

This is a huge milestone for the company.

And it’s just one step in the path to its next major step in its quest to transform the way people consume media — its new interactive TV ads platform, dubbed View.

The article said that Facebook View has a “huge potential for increasing engagement for advertisers.”

In addition to being able to display ads on TV, Facebook is also looking to build its TV platform to be able to deliver ads on other platforms.

Facebook recently launched a “new ad platform” called “View” in the form of a mobile app.

According a report by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook views the new app as an “unexpected boon” for the future of its TV advertising business.

It says that Facebook has created a new ad platform that will allow advertisers to “target and buy content directly from content creators.”

This will allow them to reach their audiences and “target viewers on Facebook with personalized ads.”

The WSJ reports that the company is also “working on a new social platform” that will let advertisers target and buy “content creators directly from Facebook.”

It also says that the “platform is expected to be live soon.”

According to Facebook, “View is designed to give advertisers the tools they need to build new audiences and drive additional engagement on Facebook.”

Facebook said the new platform will be powered by a “native app for the iPhone and Android” that is “fully integrated with Facebook.”

The company says that this app will enable users to manage their “accounts and watch, listen, and share content across platforms.”

According a company press release, Facebook says that it will offer “more than 2 million paid ads in the next two years.”

Facebook is planning to launch its new mobile ad platform in 2021.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters in March that he believes that the platform will allow the company to “expand its reach and reach more users.”

Zuckerberg also said that the goal is to reach “more people and more hours of content every day.”

Facebook has been experimenting with its new platform for the past year.

The company has built out an ad platform called “Moz,” which it says has more than 400 million monthly users, but it has been unable to fully monetize its mobile app in the U.S. It was also rumored that Facebook had been looking at using a similar ad platform for TV ads, but that the project was scrapped.

As of March, Facebook was still looking to bring in $3 billion in revenue from the new mobile platform in 2022.

However, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg said in February that Facebook’s goal is for the platform to become “the largest media platform in the world” by 2022.

Facebook’s next big move, however, will be to begin building out its new online TV ad platform.

The platform will launch with a “multi-platform” TV ad network.

This will include TV ads on platforms like Facebook Live, which is a service that allows people to broadcast live events, Facebook Live Events, which allow people to upload live events and more.

This new ad network will be able “to deliver ads in TV on Facebook, on YouTube, and on Amazon Prime Video, all on mobile devices,” according to Facebook.

It is unclear how many of these mobile ad platforms will be available in 2022, and whether the company will also bring the ad platform to its online TV ads.

Facebook has also recently added an interactive TV video ad platform, which allows people on Facebook to create and upload videos, as well as create and view “a list of current and upcoming video ads.”

According an article in Business Insider titled How to Build a $100 billion Interactive TV Advertising Business with 3DR, the new interactive television ad platform will help Facebook reach and engage its users.

Facebook said this new platform is “the first step in our vision of how we’re going to drive real growth for our advertisers over the long term.”

Zuckerberg’s next step will be building out the next phase of its social media platform, according the WSJ.

Zuckerberg said at the event that he wants the social media site to be “a hub for connecting people, sharing stories, and sharing ideas,” which is “what makes the site great.”

Zuckerberg said that this new social network will “be the platform that allows you to connect with friends, share your interests, and discover more about them.”

The next step for Facebook will

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