The adithiyas television advertisement is a classic, and not just because of its great visual.

The ad, in which a young girl, a woman and a boy all play the same game, is seen all over the country.

The TV ad, a national phenomenon, has become a staple of the country’s TV advertising landscape, with the channel spending more than Rs 50 crore annually on it, according a study by the agency WPP.

The story behind adithiya tv ad article Adithyam TV, the television channel owned by the Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, is the latest in a long line of Bollywood channels to get in on the adithia TV bandwagon.

Its success is attributed to a number of factors.

First, it’s a national hit.

This is due to the ad featuring the girl and her mother playing a game in the Bhojpuri cinema.

This has been the case for years, with adithaya tv ad being used on television screens across India.

A few years ago, it also featured the heroine in an advert for the new film, Aaditya, starring actress and actor Amitabh Bachchan.

It is not only the film’s success that has made adithayya TV a household name.

Bollywood is an incredibly influential brand in India, with millions of people tuning in to watch the film every month, which in turn drives sales for adithys channels.

Second, it is a national brand.

As the world’s largest Bollywood channel, it has been seen everywhere from malls to cinemas and in hotels.

The Bollywood movies have won numerous awards, including best foreign film at the Oscars and Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes.

And while the ad is seen on television, it too has been bought by other channels.

The fact that the ad has become so ubiquitous in the country is because it appeals to people across different age groups.

The average age of the viewers is around 26 years, and they are the most engaged viewers, said Vijay Sharma, an associate professor of marketing at Mumbai’s IIT-Bombay.

The age range is also a factor.

According to the survey, the audience is predominantly male.

This, coupled with the fact that Adithya TV ad has been used for more than 25 years, has made it a huge success.

The channel’s success has made the advertising landscape even more vibrant, with many companies making adverts with the brand, said Rajan Gopalan, director of advertising at adithyah TV.

In addition to its Bollywood roots, Adithiya TV has a strong focus on social media, and the channel has been regularly featured on the social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

“We want to ensure that our advertisements are not just for our own channel, but also for the people watching our shows on TV,” said Vijaya Sharma, the channel’s vice-president and general manager.

The company is also aiming to increase the viewership on its social media channels, which are being used by more people than on TV.

The brand has also been a big draw for advertisers who want to get involved with the project.

Adithyah, which started out as a Bollywood-focused channel, has expanded into other languages too, including Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, and Punjabi.

The focus on local language is also seen in the adverts, as the ad shows the Bhopal film, Anushkhand, being shown on television in the background.

Adiths adverts are seen by a variety of audiences in the world.

This includes a woman in her 20s who likes to read, and a girl who enjoys movies.

It has also worked well with the women of the region, who have been drawn to the film as it is the only film that deals with the caste issue.

The ads have also worked with youth groups, who can be seen playing the game.

“It is great to have this medium that reaches a younger audience and also brings them into the world of entertainment,” said Anush Kumar, the president of the Bhola Bhopals’ Council, which represents youth groups.

Adiya has also had success with local companies in the area, like Aadya Poultry, which was set up by Adithyan Sharma.

It sells meat, eggs, and eggs, which have been sold to customers in Bhopally.

“In the city, people would come and buy meat, which is a big hit with the local consumers,” said Aadiya Poultry’s president, Ashok Sharma.

He said that he was also surprised to find that people were willing to pay Rs 50,000 for eggs, even though the cost was much higher than the Rs 15,000 they pay for meat.

“They are really interested in the product and we have been able to cater to their needs,” said Sharma.

“I also get requests from my clients

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