Kia has announced it’s working on an ad-supported TV app, and it will be available on the Apple TV on Friday.

The app will show you ads for various TV channels, and there’s a dedicated tab to watch TV ads, too.

The app is similar to the free TV ad-streaming app XBAds.

Kia says the app is designed to “provide a seamless and seamless experience,” but the app will also be accessible on iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

The company has yet to share a detailed description of the app, which it hopes to launch later this year.

The TV app will let you watch TV shows, movies and TV shows that have been acquired by a Kia partner.

For example, you could watch a TV show on Kia’s new brand new Roku, or a show from a partner on Kias streaming service, or any other TV show that Kia owns or controls.

You can browse through ads in Kia TV’s ad-filled section, which will also show you a list of TV channels.

The tab will also allow you to skip to a specific channel to skip the ad.

Kia says you’ll be able to search for TV shows on the app’s main page, but it’s not clear how you can search through a show.

Kias TV app can also show ads to friends and family, as well as play a movie that you’re watching.

Kik, another TV app Kia purchased in 2015, is the same company that built the TV app.

However, Kia also has a dedicated app for making video calls, and that TV app has also been rolled out to Apple TV.

The new TV app isn’t the only TV app to come out this year that’s aimed at Apple TV, as Samsung is also launching its own TV app this year, but Kia is launching its ad-free TV app first.

The TV app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon, and the company says it’s still in beta testing.

The ad-support app is one of the more ambitious features of the new KiaTV app, according to Jeff Tittel, senior VP of product development at Kia.

He also said that the TV ad stream will work on both Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and will be accessible through a number of different apps and platforms.

Kias ad-feed is a feature of the current Roku ad-reader app, so the new TV adstream is meant to replace that.

“Our goal is to create an ad system that is simple, easy to use and that can deliver more value for the user,” Tittels told Ars.

“It’s a new product, and we’re hoping that it will appeal to users across a broad range of device platforms.”

Kia TV ad support will be free to users of the Kia brand brand, which includes brands like Kia, Kias, KFC, Kiosk, Kmart, and more.

Kias brand members can access ad-matching services and receive personalized ad offers.

Kiosks ad-fitness apps will also have ad-targeting features.KIATV also has an app called TV Ad Manager that can help advertisers target ads to TV channels based on their content.

The ad-manager app allows users to find out what channels they can watch on TV, how much they’ll be charged, and how many ads they’ll see on each channel.

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