The average viewer is paying $8 per hour for cable TV, according to the Nielsen Company.

Cable TV is the only source of free advertising for the major networks.

The average cost per hour of free cable TV advertising is $6.50, according the TV Advertising Research Center, a division of the Public Interest Research Group.

But for the cable TV industry, which accounts for 40 percent of all television advertising revenue, there is plenty of room for growth.

“The cable TV ad industry is in the midst of a historic period in which it has grown,” said David Berenson, chief executive of the ad agency, Berenstain Associates.

“It’s very, very dynamic.”

The rise of cable TV has been a boon for the media industry.

The average household spends $11.2 billion a year on TV ads, up 13 percent since 2009, according, The New York Times.

The ad business has been so successful, in fact, that cable TV companies have been investing in digital media, which will help drive viewership and profits.

“Cable TV has not only helped drive TV advertising revenue and the overall TV industry as a whole, but also has provided the platforms for us to really explore and explore new digital platforms,” said Mike Capps, CEO of TV networks Time Warner and Comcast.

“It’s a good business opportunity for the TV industry,” said Capps.

“We’re going to keep doing that.”

But for most of the industry, the growth of cable television is a question of who’s going to survive.

As consumers’ spending on cable TV rises, so do competition.

The major broadcast networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, have been losing viewers in recent years.

And while some networks have been gaining viewers, others are struggling.

The growth of the cable industry is also creating new problems.

A recent study by the consulting firm Media Insight Research found that the average number of TV households has declined for five straight years, to about 9.4 million.

While there is a growing awareness among many Americans that TV is not just an expensive media product, the cable channel wars are still raging.

And some of the biggest names in the industry are now battling for the hearts and minds of viewers.

In the last three years, HBO, Cinemax, AMC, Disney and Sony have all made moves that have hurt the cable channels, while Dish Network and DirecTV have made it hard for rivals to gain a foothold.

The cable networks have even been trying to sell their cable channels on a satellite platform.

It’s all part of a fight between the cable companies and their cable customers.

In the end, the biggest losers in this fight are the people.

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