This video is from our favorite ad company: Prime TV.

Prime TV’s advertising strategy is based on the idea that it can make a lot of money from television ads if you put the right ads in front of people who want to watch them.

The goal is to give TV viewers a way to purchase a TV ad in return for viewing them.

In Prime TV, the ads are placed in a special section called the TV Ads section of the home screen.

When a TV viewer clicks on an ad, Prime TV displays the ad in a pop-up window that lets you watch the ad on your TV, or download it to your computer or mobile device.

Prime offers ads that are optimized for your viewing experience, so you won’t see ads that aren’t as relevant to your interests or preferences.

To get a sense of how Prime TV works, we’ve created an interactive TV ad rules guide.

This guide shows you how to use these rules to make your ads work best.

To start, select the “TV Ads” tab.

Click on “Ads” to display a list of ads that Prime TV offers.

The first thing you’ll see is a list that contains ads for the latest TV ads.

If you’re looking for some older ads, you can click on the banner next to the current ad and scroll down to the ads you want.

Then click on “Select a channel” and then “Channel.”

You can choose from several different categories of TV ads, including movies, shows, and other shows.

You can also click on a TV spot to view the ad.

To add a TV advertising campaign to your website, you’ll need to add it to the “Home Page” tab of the TV ads section of your website.

Then, click on that “Home page” link to access the home page of your site.

For more information on how to create ads, visit our advertising tips page.

The next step is to select which ads to display.

The ads you select will have a unique URL (a short URL that’s easy to remember and remember), and that URL will be displayed in the pop-ups window when you click on an advertisement.

Here’s what you should choose: TV Ads: This ad is for a TV commercial.

The ad will start on your homepage.

TV Ads will appear on your home page on the first page of visitors to your site, so the ad will be on the home pages of every page of that site.

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