Adverts on Facebook have been blocked for some Facebook users after they were labelled “racist” and “anti-gay”.

The adverts, which have been appearing on the social network since January, have been labelled “anti social media” and have been removed from the platform.

The advertverts were first spotted by Facebook user Daphne, who said she was “furious” with the adverts.

“I just want to let you know this adverts were not meant to be political.

They were meant to celebrate the wonderful diversity of Ireland, celebrating a beautiful country where people have been embraced by love and by a strong, tolerant and inclusive society.

These ads are not meant for the internet.

They are meant for Facebook,” she wrote.”

The ad is not intended to represent the views of any individual or organisation.

They clearly represent views held by many, but this is an incredibly diverse society.”

If I were a Facebook user, I would not be allowed to post anything that would cause offence, such as this.

I would also never post the content of this advert anywhere on Facebook.

“The social media platform has since removed the ad, and has also told Daph and her friends they will no longer be able to post the ad again.

Facebook said the advertverts had been removed because they were “not aligned with Facebook policies”.”

These advertisements were not made to reflect the views and beliefs of any of the groups targeted by this campaign.

We have removed the advertisements as soon as they were flagged by a member of our Community Standards team,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Irish Times.”

We are working closely with our Community Safety team to ensure these campaigns do not reoccur.

We take these incidents very seriously and we will continue to work with our community partners to ensure they do not happen again.

“Mr O’Connor told he was not surprised that the advert was being removed.”

It’s obviously a terrible thing to do and it’s a terrible message to send.

You’re not promoting tolerance and you’re not celebrating diversity, you’re promoting racism.

We’ve seen a number of people have taken action on Facebook to get their own adverts removed.

You can’t be promoting tolerance without also being promoting racism.

“A spokesperson for Facebook said that since January they have removed all advertisements that are not on the page that they are running, as well as any that appear to be inciting violence or harassment.”

If you are affected by an ad and think it’s inappropriate, please reach out to Facebook Support, who can help you. “

We’re always looking to improve our policies and practices, but we always ask people to be respectful of others, and to report violations to us as soon we notice them.”

“If you are affected by an ad and think it’s inappropriate, please reach out to Facebook Support, who can help you.

We encourage people to report any inappropriate content to us.

If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination or harassment, you can also report it to the Irish Human Rights Commission.”

Please note that in cases where we have removed an ad, it will not appear on our platform again.

We don’t remove any ads, we simply remove those that have not been approved for our platform.

“A Facebook spokesperson said that the organisation would continue to review its policies and ensure that adverts are not being run in ways that would be inconsistent with Facebook’s values.”

“We will continue working closely and aggressively with our partners to remove ads that we find unacceptable and that we think are inappropriate,” the statement added.

“The Irish Human Right Commission is an independent body that works to ensure that discriminatory practices are not allowed to take place in our society.”

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