Here’s how to make sure more people watch TV.

The ad market is changing rapidly.

Now, the average TV viewer is getting about 10 hours of TV a month, up from 5 hours in 2008, according to the Nielsen Company.

That’s an increase of 50%.

The number of hours people watch each month is rising as well.

But the demand for TV is changing too.

The Nielsen report showed that people want more quality and less filler.

People are watching less TV and choosing to watch with friends and family, said Jennifer Gaffney, Nielsen’s senior director of research.

She added that people are watching more television because of the rise in streaming services, which are available to millions of households across the country.

The number and variety of services available to watch television is a major factor in that trend.

People don’t just want to watch, they also need to hear about what they’re watching.

And they’re spending a lot of time listening to shows, videos and podcasts, according the Nielsen report.

That means people are also spending more time looking for content.

That makes it easier for advertisers to reach consumers, according as Gaffny noted.

People want to know more about the show or film they’re interested in, and that means they want to listen to it and have it appear in the home, she said.

And that, in turn, creates demand for content that will drive people to pay more for it.

The more people listen to the TV, the more they will want to buy the product, said John Burt, vice president of content and partnerships at Clear Channel.

The network recently announced a new streaming TV service that will stream a variety of popular shows.

And the more people pay for TV, they’re likely to pay for more, said Burt.

But if they don’t, that means that they’re not going to buy more TV.

That is one reason why it’s so important for advertisers, and content companies, to understand the demand of the market.

Burt said Clear Channel, which has more than 3,600 television stations, is already a major player in the TV space.

It owns the channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, HGTV, MTV, Disney Junior, Cartoon Kids, Nickelodeo, MTV2, and Disney XD.

He added that it also owns popular networks such as ESPN, TNT and HGTV.

It has been able to grow its viewership, which reached about 5 million people last year, thanks to its ad sales, he said.

But Clear Channel’s growing presence in the television space is not the only reason for its success.

The channel has been helping companies with their digital strategies.

It recently launched a new digital marketing strategy that involves more than 100 companies across the industry.

It is targeting a new audience of people who aren’t fans of traditional TV but also don’t want to pay full price for content, said Gaffyan.

And Clear Channel has made the channel a go-to destination for its advertising and content, she added.

Now that it has more eyeballs, Clear Channel plans to expand into new categories of TV content, including original programming and premium shows.

For example, it will be partnering with Disney on its popular “Mighty Mouse” series, which will air on Disney XD and Cartoon Network.

In addition, Clear Brand, which owns its own channel, recently announced an agreement with Disney to bring the Disney Channel’s “Walt Disney Channel” to its brand.

The partnership is the first with a Disney brand, and the channel will premiere on Disney Channel and Cartoon, which is owned by Disney.

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