Disney’s Star Wars: “The Force Awakens” is a massive hit in China and has already racked up millions of dollars in gross sales and a $1.6 billion box office take in the country.

The movie has earned over $1 billion in China over the past month alone.

But the Chinese government has banned all advertising on the box office, and now it’s going to get a little more attention.

In its most recent report on China’s box office for June, the National Bureau of Statistics said that Star Wars has been selling more tickets than any other Disney movie in the past five years.

That includes the 2014 version of the film, which opened to $9.4 million.

Now the movie has a worldwide gross of $11.6 million, and the film’s biggest overseas debut is in the U.K., where it took in $4.8 million.

The Disney movies in question are all big hits in China, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Frozen.”

But the movies that made the biggest splash in China aren’t even the biggest hits in the world.

Here are the top three most-watched films of all time in China:1.

“The Princess and the Frog” ($1.9 billion) — Disney’s biggest domestic hit in years2.

“Fantasia: The Story of Oompa Loompas” ($4.3 million) — The first movie from Disney Pixar Animation Studios since 2008 and the biggest Pixar movie ever3.

“A Wrinkle in Time” ($2.9 million)– Disney’s third biggest hit outside of China.

The movie “The Prince and the Pauper” also made a lot of money in China.

Its global gross was $7.1 million, which made it the biggest animated film in the region.

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