Netflix has introduced a feature to help advertisers find and manage the most relevant ads for their content.

The feature lets users search for ads on the network by country, region, content, and platform, and then directly create or edit ads that run in the most compelling spots.

In this case, it appears to be a way to help publishers get more exposure on Netflix’s platform, where ad spending is a major concern.

Netflix says it uses the feature to target ads on Netflix that have the highest reach and the highest engagement, with a specific focus on video ads that are targeted at older viewers and younger viewers.

“This is an ad-targeting platform, so we can see what the ads are that are most compelling and targeted to that audience,” said an Netflix spokesperson in an email.

“We use it for the best-in-class content on Netflix, and we think that’s what it should be used for, but we can’t guarantee that all content on our platform will work with this new ad-tracking platform.

Netflix has not announced an official rollout date for this feature.”

Netflix’s new ad platform allows advertisers to target the ads in a way that is more relevant to their content and audiences.

For example, advertisers can use the feature on Netflix to target advertisements in a video that is targeting older viewers, and in a game that is targeted at younger viewers, for example.

The new ad system was built with the help of data from Netflix, according to the company, and will be rolling out to other publishers later this year.

Advertisers can also use the new ad targeting feature to make sure that they are able to make the most of their advertising budget, Netflix said.

For instance, Netflix’s own advertising partners can use this to target their ads in more compelling spots on Netflix.

The news comes as Netflix and other streaming services have been increasingly targeting their own content with ads.

Netflix announced in January that it was launching an ad network called “Ads for Advertisers,” with the goal of reaching consumers who are interested in finding and buying more content.

Netflix is also investing heavily in new ad formats and content, including its new streaming service called “Drama.”

In the past few months, Netflix has been making moves to increase the reach of its advertising.

Last month, the company added a new ad format to its service that lets advertisers target content based on user behavior.

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