With the arrival of a new TV advertising campaign from Cadbury, Australia’s television advertising industry has taken a significant hit.

The Australian Advertising Standards Authority (AASA) says that advertising can be purchased on Cadbury TV from 1:00am on Sunday through Friday, and from 10:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The ABC is offering a limited number of free ads on ABC Television.

The ads are only available for a limited time and may not be used for commercial purposes.

There are no restrictions on how long a consumer can spend on a TV ad, or how much advertising time they can spend.

The AASA says a “fair and competitive market” exists for the sale of television advertising, and that there are no regulations or restrictions on what content a TV advertiser can use for an ad.

“This is the first time the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has launched an ad campaign on its TV channels and they have been able to do so with a low-cost, low-pressure approach,” said Advertisers Association of Australia chairman Peter Jones.

“We believe this is a great opportunity for advertisers to advertise on television without worrying about how much of the advertising they may have to pay, and we’re delighted to see the ABC taking it.”

The ABC will also launch an online advertising campaign on the ABC website starting Friday.

Cadbury is Australia’s largest chocolate maker, with a market share of almost 6 per cent, and its TV ad campaign is part of a broader push by the company to reach a wider audience.

The company says its ads will help to sell more chocolate, as well as serve as a “great opportunity to educate people about the importance of good health and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle”.

Cadburys ad campaign will be featured in ABC Television’s news program ‘The Catch’ on Friday, with ABC reporter and writer Paul McLeod joining the ABC’s entertainment team as a co-host.

The TV campaign is the second of its kind for the ABC.

In January, the ABC aired a commercial for the first-ever Cadbury product called ‘The Big Mac’.

Cad Burys Cadbury campaign will air on ABC TV from 11:00 pm on Thursday, July 12.

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