The best ads are those that get you to click on them and that you feel are relevant to you, according to a study by advertising analytics company, Advertising Intelligence.

In the research, which surveyed more than 3,000 people, Advertisers were asked to rank which ads they liked, and which ads were most likely to make you click on and buy the product.

They were also asked to provide a short description of the product and the company that created it.

And then, the researchers compared those results with a sample of 3,400 people from the US and the UK.

The results show that when you use an advertising network that provides real-time results, you’re much more likely to click and buy.

For example, if you’re looking at a brand with a video ad, you are almost 50 per cent more likely if they provide a description of their products.

And when they give you the opportunity to buy, you buy twice as much.

The study also found that brands who offer more relevant ads have an advantage when it comes to customers choosing them over others.

So, while the results may seem a little surprising, the study doesn’t suggest that people should stop paying for content.

Instead, it suggests that brands should start experimenting with using real-world data to find the right ad for them.

It’s not just a matter of getting people to click.

The researchers also suggest that companies should pay more attention to the people they are targeting, and how those people use their content.

For instance, in the study, a company called Admob was shown a video on the social network that featured an attractive woman, and asked them to click a link to share the video with their Facebook friends.

The ad then sent the link to a separate Facebook page with a similar description.

Admob was more likely, by a whopping 78 per cent, to share their ad on the second page if it was the more relevant version.

In contrast, the company’s ad on a page that was not relevant to the video ad had a 10 per cent lower share.

When you get people to share, it can help your business grow.

It also makes a world of difference to advertisers because it means that they are paying for a real-life experience instead of a product.

If you’re going to be a brand, you have to find that people who click on your content are going to share your brand with their friends.

There are plenty of great ads out there and advertisers should use the best in them, says Advertising Intelligence CEO, Andrew O’Keefe.

“We are all looking at different ads and we all know there are many more that can be created.

But, when you have the right content, you can turn people into repeat customers.”

The study has some caveats.

For example, it only looked at real-live videos, and not advertisements.

For the study to be meaningful, it would have to show that people were using the ads when they were clicked, which is hard to do, says Admob CEO, Daniel O’Brien.

But it does show that even if people are not clicking, they are still paying for the ads, which may be enough to convince advertisers to invest more in making their ads more relevant.

And as long as they do that, it could lead to more effective campaigns.

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