Sky TV advertising in London, New York and Paris is now live on Sky, offering a free trial of Sky TV in the UK and US. 

You can view Sky TV ads in London from today. 

Sky TV has also introduced its first advertising campaign to the UK in more than 20 years, featuring a new Sky TV ad featuring a young woman from Manchester City Football Club. 

The ad was broadcast live on BBC Two on Sunday (23 March) as part of a campaign aimed at increasing young people’s interest in sports. 

“This is an exciting time for sport and we’re delighted to be partnering with the Sky brand to promote our sport in the coming weeks,” said Phil Bewkes, Sky Sports Chief Digital Officer. 

Advertisers can now watch Sky Sports adverts for free on Sky TV across the UK, US and France. 

In London, Sky TV will offer a free two-week trial of the Sky TV app, which allows you to access the channel’s channels, programmes and sports content for a one-time fee. 

If you want to see a Sky TV advertisement live in your home, you can subscribe to Sky TV’s TV Everywhere service and then subscribe to the channel when you are on the go. 

 To view Sky Sports advertising in the US, Sky’s US TV advertising service will now offer free Sky TV on demand ads across the US. 

  In Paris, Sky has added a new ad featuring the young woman who plays for Manchester City football club, who is now part of the ad campaign. 

It will be broadcast live in France on the Canal+ channel, and will be available to watch online from Tuesday (29 March). 

“We are proud to partner with Sky Sports and are delighted to bring our passion for sport to the digital age,” said Alain Provencal, President of Sky Sports France.

“We will continue to provide the most innovative and compelling advertising experiences in the world for Sky Sports viewers in the future.” 

The new ad features a young Manchester City woman who is playing for Manchester city, who says: “I’ve got a passion for sports, and I’m here to show everyone else that you don’t have to work hard to be successful in life.

I’m the perfect person to give the kids a chance to be like me. 

I’m the most talented player you could ever imagine. 

Come watch me play, and have fun doing it.” 

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