A new Kia ad campaign aims to give customers an idea of how they can spend on a car.

In the commercial, which airs at the beginning of the year, the slogan “The Future is Now” is used to illustrate how Kia wants to be an “entertainer.”

“The Future isn’t about what we’re wearing or what we eat or how we feel,” says the ad, which will air in major cities across the U.S. and Canada.

“The future is the Future of the car, and it’s about who you are, and what you want.”

The ad features images of young Kia fans and shows them driving in the Future with their parents and friends.

“What if you could be a Kia fan, or a car enthusiast?

A Kia owner?

A car enthusiast with Kia?” asks the narrator.

“It’s a world where we’re more than the car.

We’re people in it, too.”

The ads come as Kia’s share of the U, which was at 9 percent in 2018, fell to just 4.9 percent in 2019.

“Our share of vehicle sales fell in 2018 from a year earlier, as we added a new car in 2019,” said Mike Lusardi, a senior vice president of sales for Kia.

“We saw our total vehicle sales drop 2.9 percentage points from the previous year, which has been our goal for 2019.”

The company said it plans to continue adding new cars to the lineup, but the ads are a first step in helping customers understand what they can buy.

“We think these ads are the first step to build the awareness and the desire to become a Kiaser, and this is just one of the steps we’ll take in the future,” said Lusig.

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