The streaming giant announced Thursday that it would begin offering up to five new TV commercials during its Thursday broadcast of “Upfront” on Netflix.

The five spots are the first new TV spots from Netflix in three years, and they are based on current events and are slated to run during the broadcast.

Netflix’s new commercials will air during the show’s broadcast on Thursday nights.

The five new spots include:A series of three scenes that show the impact of the Paris terrorist attacks on the world’s news networks.

A series of five scenes that highlight the impact that a global pandemic is having on the news networks and viewers.

A series that highlights the importance of climate change.

A group of young people in a classroom.

A family with four young children.

A mother and daughter at a park.

A moment of silence for those who have lost their lives in the recent Paris terror attacks.

A woman on a subway platform.

A father who lost his wife.

A man in the middle of a busy street.

A family with two young children in the backseat of a car.

A scene from a recent episode of the Netflix original series “Sense8.”

The spot will air on the company’s official YouTube channel, where it will be available to watch and comment on.

The spot, which will be uploaded to Netflix’s website in the coming days, will be accompanied by a statement by the company.

In a statement, Netflix said that it is “honored to be partnering with Netflix to bring you these innovative new advertisements.

Our goal with these new commercials is to empower viewers to engage with their favorite content in a new way.”

The new spots come as Netflix is working to broaden its reach to reach more people, with a focus on the millennial audience.

In addition to its original shows, Netflix is also launching new original programming, including a new series called “Sense 8” and a movie, “Sense 9.”

Netflix has also launched a new “Sense” channel, “Netflix Originals,” which features original shows and movies created by Netflix and others.

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