Aldi has been in the news recently after a $5 million ad campaign featuring the family of a murdered child was pulled. 

According to the New York Post, the ad has been pulled because the ad, titled “We Are Not Alone,” includes footage of a child, which was “disgusting” to Aldi. 

The company is reportedly investigating the ad and its placement.

Aldis has not responded to the Post’s request for comment.

The ad was a collaboration between Aldi and local advertising firm, Datalogix, which has previously worked with Disney, PepsiCo, and a number of other companies. 

An Aldi spokesperson declined to comment when reached by CNN. 

What is aldia?

Aldi is a Swiss brand based in Switzerland, founded in 1955.

It owns and operates more than 2,400 stores and restaurants in Europe and Asia.

Its brands include Aldi, La Sportiva, and Aldi La Sportif, which translates to “The Best” in Italian.

A few years ago, the company was valued at $2.8 billion. 

How to make an Aldi TV ad for Aldi’s TV advertising jobs article To make an ad that appeals to Aldis’ fans, the channel is using a similar approach to that of NBC’s “The Voice” which was used by the family.

The channel also uses the brand’s name in its own ads. 

Aldis is also one of the biggest advertisers in the U.S., selling TV ads at nearly $10 billion a year. 

Do you know any Aldis TV ads you would like to see in the future?

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