A few weeks ago, Google launched a new ad code to create a HD video advertisement using the Samsungs new TV ad code.

Now, Samsung is working on another code to integrate the HDTV code into its ads.

The company has been working on a new code to add the HD TV ad codes to its ads for some time now.

The new code is being developed by the ad code team.

The new code will be added to Samsung’s Android ad-systems to allow ad developers to integrate HDTV ads in their own apps.

The code will also work with Google’s Google Ads for Business program, which will help developers integrate the new ad codes into their own ad-targeting apps.

Samsung is already using the HD code to build ads for its own TVs, and the new code may be a step toward making the same functionality available to Android ad apps.

A new code for Samsung’s ad-sales team has been added to Google Ads to make it easier for developers to implement ads using HDTV codes.

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