There are no other countries where the average pay-per-view viewing audience is the same as in the United States.

In fact, the United Kingdom and France are two of the most-watched markets in the world and TV advertising has been an industry-leading trend for at least a decade.

And as the U.S. TV ad market has become bigger and more valuable, analysts are expecting more to follow suit.

That’s why the ad tech company iSpotlight has begun tracking the amount of ad spending that U.K. and France audiences are paying to view and analyzing the data.

In the U, for example, the average ad spend for an ad is $20.6 million per day.

For the UK, it’s $12.5 million.

The numbers are staggering.

TV ads in the U are expected to surpass the $10 billion average daily spend in the UK and France in 2018.

The U. S. ad spend is expected to hit $9 billion a day, according to the firm.

While there’s some disagreement over the exact figures, the firm has pegged the average total spend in 2018 as $20 million per hour.

That number would be the biggest ever in the US, eclipsing the $17 billion that TV ad spend was reported for 2016.

It would also surpass the spending by all the other major ad spending markets in 2016.

“This year is the year that the U will see the biggest ad spend in history,” said Matt Cram, iSpotpoint’s chief marketing officer.

“It will be the first time that we’re seeing TV ad spending surpass that of the likes of Facebook and Google.”

The big TV ad buy This is not a new trend.

In 2016, the U TV ad industry took a huge leap forward when the FCC started requiring broadcasters to pay for ad spots.

In 2018, ad spending will be required for any online ad that will run in the major U.s. markets, but it’s not clear how much will be paid to TV networks.

For example, a new TV ad that airs in the New York City market could be paid for by the U or another advertiser.

But a similar ad could be broadcast on YouTube or Instagram or a rival site.

iSpotlights’ figures show that there’s $1.7 billion in U.M. and $2.2 billion in France spending on online TV ads per day, and it expects those numbers to rise as more networks invest in online advertising.

“The U is going to be the most dominant market in the digital space, and in the long term, it will become the largest in terms of TV ad sales,” Cram said.

That said, it is still not clear if U.m. and Fdn.

will be able to get the same amount of digital advertising that the UK is seeing.

“We are looking at that as a possibility,” Crams said.

In France, where there’s been a strong uptick in ad spending, the number of online TV spots will only be higher by the end of 2018.

“There will be a big push from TV networks to get TV ads out on social media and to get advertisers to invest in TV ads,” Cramer said.

“You’re going to see a lot of ad spend on the web and mobile.”

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