TV advertising is a relatively new industry that is still gaining traction and that is likely to continue to grow in the future.

But, according to a new report from Nielsen, television advertising revenue in 2016 was up only slightly from 2015 and is likely headed for another low point.

The report says that while TV advertising has become more profitable, it is not quite as profitable as it once was.

For the first time since 2006, TV advertising revenues were up in 2016 and are expected to continue gaining.

Nielsen said it was “not aware of any significant change in the TV advertising business,” and that the industry as a whole is seeing an uptick in TV advertising revenue.

But while TV ad revenues have been growing for the past few years, it has not always been as high as it is now.

Nielsen’s report notes that in 2016, total ad revenue rose only 0.2 percent compared to the previous year.

Nielsen expects that total ad revenues in 2017 and 2018 will be down.

The decline in ad revenues is not entirely unexpected, since television advertising is an industry that relies heavily on online video advertising, which has been losing viewers.

The industry also is seeing a shift away from television advertising as it becomes more about mobile and social video.

Nielsen noted that in 2015, TV ad spending increased by 5.2 million to $1.7 billion, while in 2016 it increased by 7.6 million to nearly $2.4 billion.

Nielsen estimates that TV advertising will remain a significant source of revenue for advertisers until at least 2029, when it will be expected to account for just over 25 percent of total TV advertising spending.

The Nielsen report notes, however, that it expects the television advertising industry to experience a significant downturn in the years ahead.

It also points to a growing concern among advertisers that the pace of growth in the television ad industry will slow or even reverse over the next decade.

The report notes: “There is a growing perception that the TV ad industry is on the verge of a near-term slowdown, and the industry’s rapid growth is creating a more uncertain future for TV ad companies.”

In 2016, Nielsen’s research showed that TV ad spenders were more likely to purchase products and services online.

But the report notes there were also signs of a decline in the number of people choosing to purchase physical goods and services in the marketplace.

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