TOP TV ADVERTISING Top TV ad spenders are getting their wish this year.

The BBC has reported that it will spend a whopping 1 billion pounds on ad space for its popular BBC One and BBC Two streaming services.

The network has been running ads since the beginning of 2017, and is expected to spend nearly the same amount this year as it did last year.

Top TV advertising spenders BBC One BBC Two BBC One-only BBC One TV ads were seen in over 60% of all households in the UK, according to the BBC.

The channel is also one of the few broadcasters that is able to get into the Top 40 TV markets on the back of a massive online advertising campaign.

The UK’s top TV market, London, has seen the largest increase in ad spend, which is almost double the average across the other markets in the same time period.

Meanwhile, the US and Australia, which both have the biggest markets, are expected to see a decrease in ad spending this year, according the research.

The number of TV ad slots was also on the rise, with the BBC alone spending more than £2.5 billion in the month of March.

Meanwhile the BBC said that the amount spent by its digital advertising arm, which includes TV ad spots, was “an increase of £400m in the six months to March”. 

The BBC is one of only two broadcast media companies to break the billion-pound mark in ad revenue in 2017.

The other is Sky News, which was in the news for making $2 billion in its first full year. 

The channel has been getting a lot of press recently, with new reports suggesting that it is going to expand its online streaming service to include other content.

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