The NHL’s television advertising campaign has seen its fair share of changes, but one that has not changed much since the beginning of the season was the NHL TV ad campaign for games on Friday night, when the Minnesota Wild face the Ottawa Senators in the first game of the new season.

The NHL’s first-year TV advertising initiative is now in its third year and will kick off in just over a week, with the Minnesota Stars hosting the Anaheim Ducks in St. Paul on Thursday.

The Minnesota Wild are in the third year of their television advertising effort and will face the Ducks in the Ducks’ first game.

The game will air on the Fox Sports Go app and on ESPN2.

The Wild are also airing the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs on the app.

The Wild, along with the NHLPA, have released a new ad campaign that has featured the team’s top players.

In this new ad, the Wild stars Mark Staal, Niklas Backstrom, and Charlie Coyle sit in the booth for the first time, along the team logo.

It’s a good look for the team that has been trying to break out of its third-year of non-playoff seasons.

“Minnesota’s a great city to be a Wild fan, so we were thrilled to partner with our partners at Fox Sports to get our fans involved in the 2017 NHL ad campaign,” said Jason Besser, Vice President of Communications for the Minnesota United Football Club.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Mark Staad, Nikolas Backstrom and Charlie’s wife, Michelle, to our Minnesota United Soccer Club this season, and we’re looking forward to the excitement of their return to the stadium this season.”

The Wild will be wearing the logo on their jerseys for the game, which will be broadcast on Fox Sports GO and the NHL Network.

The team’s first home game of 2017 will be on Saturday against the San Jose Sharks at Target Field.

The match will be streamed on Fox Soccer Plus and the Fox College Sports app.

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