The Advertising Standards Authority of Australia (ASA) says a number of rules governing TV advertising have been breached.

The organisation says its review found TV ad policy should be reviewed in light of the “challenging” times.”TV advertising is not a business,” it said in a statement.

“The role of advertising in a small-business community is critical to the health and wellbeing of our businesses and communities.”

It is essential that the advertising system is managed in a way that minimises the impacts on small businesses and businesses across the country.

“The review also found the “complexity of rules” that govern advertising in Australia meant some businesses were not receiving the right level of support.”

Advertising regulations that are not well thought out or adequately applied can create significant barriers for small businesses in the marketplace,” it noted.”

For example, the ABC TV advertising rules allow advertising to run up to 20 minutes during live sports events.”ABC TV rules allow up to 10 minutes of ads during live sporting events.

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