By The Associated PressThe first question you should ask before signing up to the TV Advertising Survey is: “Do you think TV advertising is being done well?”

That’s the best way to gauge the level of interest in TV advertising, according to CBS News political director Adam Jentleson.

If you’re interested in finding out if your local TV station or cable provider is performing well in the TV Advertising Survey, you can use the following questions to get an idea of what TV advertising really is.1.

Do you think advertising on TV is getting more attention?

Do you have more TV advertising requests?

What do you think about TV advertising being more focused on local programming, or are you not sure if it’s good enough?2.

If you’re a consumer, how would you like to see TV advertising?

Are you more interested in local news, or entertainment?3.

If a TV advertiser is offering a new product or service, do you find it better or worse than other advertising products or services?

How much do you spend on TV advertising in the United States?5.

Do more than half of your friends or family have seen TV ads?

How would you rate the quality of local TV advertising you see?

Do any of these questions seem to be a bit out of date?

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