Samsung has made a habit of creating clever ads for TVs over the years.

Now it’s getting into the TV business again with a new ad for the TV company’s TV ad unit, the ComfortAdTV.

The ad features Samsung TVs, including the ComfortTV, in the comfort of their homes and in the company of their owners.

The company is also showing the TV’s remote control to a customer, and the TV is given the ComfortKey feature.

There’s a brief explanation of how ComfortAdtv works, too: The ComfortKey lets you know when the TV and its owner are in the room, and offers up helpful commands to help you keep the TV safe.

“You can also turn on the TV remotely to make sure it’s in the right place, and set the brightness, volume, and screen brightness, and turn on and off the TV.

It’s really a simple, intuitive app, and I love it,” ComfortKey CEO Scott Purdom told Ars.

The new ad also includes a little more information on ComfortAd’s ComfortTV product.

The ads are part of Samsung’s new Smart TV program, which launched on Tuesday.

The program, announced in December, offers TVs from brands like Vizio, LG, and Samsung, plus new brands like Apple and Amazon.

Samsung’s Smart TV initiative is aimed at getting people to use TVs as their primary device for watching TV content on the Internet.

But the company is still trying to figure out how to sell TV-watching habits to people who don’t own a TV.

“This is a really cool ad.

It tells you how comfortable the TV really is, how much fun it is to watch TV, and how easy it is for a TV owner to set it up and use it,” Purdum said.

The Samsung TV ad has been running on Samsung TV’s website for a few weeks now, and has generated quite a bit of buzz.

It was also featured in a New York Times feature that compared the Samsung Smart TV to Google’s Google Home.

“The Google Home’s a little different, but the Samsung TV is a whole different animal.

It can do a lot of things,” said Purdam.

The ComfortAd ad is also available on Samsung’s site, but not for sale directly.

Instead, the ad is shown as part of a larger series of ads for Samsung TVs.

“If you’re watching this, you’re probably already comfortable with the comfort.

You can tell your friends about it and it might even become a trend.

So, we hope this is a good sign,” Puddum said in an email.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed when the ad will air, or if it’ll feature other TV brands.

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