The ratings for Monday night’s “Monday Night NFL” show have taken a major hit this season, and fans are blaming it on the network’s decision to put the games on a Monday night.

A week ago, CBS had the game on a Sunday night for the first time in franchise history, while NBC had the games the following night.

NBC has not said whether or not it will be doing a Sunday broadcast for “Monday,” but it is expected to be doing so for at least one more week, with an expected return to Sunday night games next season.

“We had a strong Monday night and we have been able to hold onto the viewership,” NFL VP of programming Joe Lockhart told reporters on Thursday.

“I don’t think anyone was expecting us to go down to a Saturday night and the ratings will be a little bit higher than they were on the Sunday night.” 

The Monday night ratings have taken another hit, as CBS is expected not to have the game in its usual prime time slot on Sunday.

NBC and CBS are expected to have them on Monday at 7:30 p.m. 

“The ratings are down a lot,” Lockhart said.

“What’s going on here is, when you have a Sunday morning show, the ratings don’t drop that much, they’re up a little. 

Lockhart said that the NFL’s schedule will be adjusted and the schedule will come back later in the year.

The NFL will hold an emergency meeting on the ratings, which will be held on Thursday, Lockhart added. 

NBC and CBS have been holding games in their prime time slots on Sundays for decades. 

The ratings for the CBS-produced show have been a problem for NBC, which has not had any Sunday night shows since 1998, when it switched to its own Thursday night programming. 

In 2013, NBC had “Saturday Night Live” in prime time on the Friday night.

The ratings of the show were the worst on record for NBC. 

ABC, CBS, and FOX have all aired Monday night games on Sundays since 2010.

The Sunday ratings are up about 3% in the last five years, while the week ending in February is up about 2%. 

NBC, CBS and FOX will host the Super Bowl on Sunday in 2018. 

Last week, the NFL announced that it was changing its Monday night game to a Monday, instead of a Wednesday, because of the ratings.

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