Posted May 10, 2018 07:24:40 The online TV ad market has been booming over the last few years.

With the launch of several new online advertising platforms this year, there has been a steady increase in the number of ads that have been delivered through these new ad-skipping platforms.

The most recent example of this trend is the launch last week of a new TV advertising platform that has been dubbed the TV Ad-Skipping app.

According to Advertiser, the TV Ad-Skipping app will give you the ability to skip the ads in the YouTube and Facebook videos that are currently shown on the TV.

“With this new tool, you can take advantage of a number of new features in your TV advertising, including skip ads, the ability for advertisers to share their ads and even the ability, with the ability of advertisers to remove ads from the video and YouTube,” the Advertiser article continues.

While this new feature has been created to boost your ad sales, it also offers some other benefits as well.

For instance, the ad-free video will also be able to show the video content of your ad-sponsored YouTube videos.

You can also watch the video with a custom screen and then skip the video.

This is the same feature that Google is working on in its YouTube video ads. 

In addition to the new feature, Advertisers also mentioned that the ad blocking service Adblock Plus will be launching in the next few weeks.

If you want to skip ads in your YouTube videos, Adblock Plus will provide a separate ad blocker service that will be available to users on the YouTube and Facebook. 

It’s not just YouTube that is using Adblock to block advertisements.

The company recently launched a new ad blocking product called Adblock. 

“AdblockPlus is the first ad blocking ad blocking app for YouTube and the first to integrate,, and Adblock for Android into one app,” Advertisors wrote. 

AdBlock Plus is currently available for Android users only.

Advertisers further detailed the new features of the ad skipping app.

For example, the app will show the ads for every video on YouTube. 

Furthermore, Ad Block will offer the ability that will let you skip the YouTube video and show the ad.

The ad blocker will also show the same ads for the YouTube videos on Ad Block. 

Another feature that Ad Block can offer is that it will show ads for YouTube videos with different formats.

For the YouTube ads, Ad Blocks will show all ads that are relevant for that particular video format. 

Also, Ad blocks will show more ads for certain videos that have specific features in them. 

The app will also help you understand how much your ad revenue is for and the other features of Ad Block Plus.

Lastly, will offer you a new way to generate your revenue for Ad BlockPlus. 

According to the company, Ad blockers will be able generate a report that can be used to analyze your ad revenues for AdBlock Plus and AdBlock for Android. 

This report will help you determine how much Ad Block is generating for you, the advertiser. 

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