Posted November 15, 2018 03:03:47 The ads are starting to arrive, and many of them are downright frightening.

That’s why we asked you, our readers, for your help.

Here are some suggestions for how you can stop an ad blitz in your newsfeed.


Use your news reader to flag and block the ads.

If you’ve read this far, you should know that the ads are coming, and you should also know how to block them.

Here’s how.


If your newsreader isn’t displaying ads, you can use a Google Chrome extension called Newsy that allows you to block ads.

It does this by using a new feature called Disabling Ads.

It looks like this: 3.

If the ads don’t appear, try to change the source of the ad.

If they’re from a news website, change the site from which you want the ad to appear.

If those work, try the next two steps.


Try disabling your device’s browser settings, too.

You can find this by going to Settings and then Privacy and Security.

In the Privacy and Safety section, you’ll find settings for the “Device” setting, and then for the location.


Try a different browser.

There are a number of browsers out there that block ads, and there are also a few that don’t.

If a particular ad appears in one of these browsers, it might have a different destination on your newsstand.


If it’s the first time you’ve seen ads, change your settings to block the page.

If that’s not working, try refreshing the page every time you open it. 7.

Try using the news reader’s “Block All Ads” feature.

This is the most effective way to get rid of ads.

You’ll see a blue line on the right of your news view, and if that’s all you see, you’ve blocked all ads.

This feature is a little different from the others, however.

The blue line will disappear after a few seconds, and it won’t show up on your other news readers.


Try the Newsy Disabling Ad Blocker.

This will also block the first ad in your browser.

You won’t see it on the other news reader or any of the news readers on your computer.

This extension is free to try.

It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


If all else fails, consider an ad blocker like Adblock Plus.

It can block any type of ad, and is also free.

It also offers several other useful options.


Check out our guide to blocking ads.

We’ve also included tips for disabling a number ad blocking apps, including Disqus and Adblock.

You should also check out our roundup of the top ad blocking software reviews.


Consider a custom service.

There’s no reason to go without an ad-blocking service that can block ads in the background, whether you’re browsing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

A service like Disqus can automatically block ads when you go through the news feed, but it’s also a great way to help get rid if you’re having trouble reading a story.

Try Disqus’s Custom Ad Blockers to learn more.


If an ad appears that you don’t like, you might need to change your preferences.

If this is the first or second time you’re seeing ads in your feed, you may need to go back and change your browser preferences.

You might also need to re-enable Adblocker’s custom-ad-blocker setting.

You may need the Adblock app on your device, too, if it doesn’t work.


Some ads are still loading on your screen.

If these ads do appear, it’s possible they’re not being blocked by Disqus or AdblockPlus.

If so, you could try blocking them with a third-party ad blocker.

We have a full guide to removing unwanted ads on your mobile device.


You could try a new news reader.

We also recommend reading a news reader like our new Newsy, which is free and available for both Windows and Mac.


Try setting up a second browser.

Many news readers offer two options: one for browsing news, and one for reading more.

You probably want the former, but there are a few news readers that offer both.

Here they are: 16.

Use the newsreader to block and block again.

If one of the ads doesn’t appear and you don.t want to reorder it, try blocking the other one.

This time, the ad should be removed.

If both ads don.ts appear, they’re blocked automatically, too: 17.

You’ve blocked ads, but you’re still seeing the ads on the newsfeed or in the search results.

Try switching to a new feed reader.

If none of the other readers show ads, try a different news reader, such as the one we listed. 18. You

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